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Shakil Hosen
Open knowledge is the fuel that powers innovation and progress! —Tim O'Reilly

About me

Greetings! My name is Shakil Hosen, and I'm from Bangladesh. I'm deeply passionate about technology and open knowledge, and I actively contribute to various online platforms. In Wikimedia, I serve as an administrator for Bangla Wikibooks as well as a translation administrator in Meta. Additionally, I'm a member of the Ombuds commission, a global renamer and global rollbacker, and I also have access to the VRT system.

My work

I opened an account on Wikipedia in 2019 and have tried to contribute regularly since 2020. Initially, I used to contribute to only Bangla Wikipedia; then, in early 2021, when I went to work in a few international competitions, I got acquainted with the global Wikimedia community. Then I started contributing to various wikis globally, especially SWMT, which continues to this day. I have also worked on several online and onsite projects with Wikimedia Bangladesh, which is the chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation in Bangladesh. Nowadays, I mainly edit Bangla Wikipedia, Bangla Wikibooks, Wikidata, Meta, and Wikimedia Commons, as well as assist in answering queries in VRT and helping users to rename their accounts. A summary of my contributions to Wikimedia projects can be found in Central Auth.


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